waukegan to college

Waukegan to College is the result of a partnership between Episcopal Charities and Community Services [ECCS], Episcopal congregations in Lake County (IL), the Metropolitan Chicago Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and the founding organization, Lake County United.  After conducting more than 5,000 interviews in Waukegan, respondents identified education as their number one concern, especially the failure of the public high school - Waukegan High School - to successfully prepare all students for college.

In response, ECCS and its partners developed Waukegan to College, a program where parents and students:

  1. learn about college-readiness programs available in and around Waukegan and get help enrolling,
  2. get monthly counseling to stay on track for college - getting good grades, taking the right courses, becoming invovled in extra-curricular activies,
  3. make group and individual visits to prospective colleges,
  4. attend hands-on workshops by experts in college preparedness, and
  5. get individualized college counseling - selecting schools, completing applications, writing essays, applying for financial aid, identifying scholarship opportunities, and campus visits.

The development of Waukegan to College through its New Ventures Program demonstrates ECCS' commitment to use its resources to identify and help address unmet needs in the Diocese of Chicago.

Twenty-seven students participated in Waukegan to College's first year.  100% of participating seniors (5) enrolled in college and begin their studies this Fall.