Ministry Partners

Episcopal Charities and Community Services (ECCS) exists to seek long-term solutions "by communities for communities" for the many social needs across the Diocese of Chicago and to help transform the lives connected to them. This dynamic of response and transformation forms the core and mission of ECCS.

To fulfill this mission, ECCS strengthens and supports its partner agencies, congregational outreach programs, and other faith-based ministries of Christian service that offer hope to all people in the Diocese.

Episcopal Charities stands with its partner agencies through annual financial grants and a capacity building program that helps them increase their own fundraising, raise visibility for their work in the Diocese, and build more effective governing boards. ECCS also works with congregational outreach programs helping them become more client-centric in their social outreach and more thorough and effective in their giving.

Every year since its founding in 1960, Episcopal Charities makes annual grants to ministry partners. These grants are especially valued because they are for general operating support, providing the resources agencies use to ensure excellence in their ministries. The average grant in 2016 was more than $40,000. Over the past ten years, Episcopal Charities has granted nearly $7,000,000 in unrestricted support as the largest single donor of general operating grants for its ministry partners. Unsolicited requests for funding are not accepted.