My Living Legacy

My Living Legacy, a ministry of Episcopal Charities and Community Services (ECCS), is a values-based introduction to estate planning that donors, board members, parishioners, and volunteers actually enjoy.

The heart of My Living Legacy is an informative, interactive presentation offered by ECCS free of charge to not-for-profit organizations and Episcopal congregations. It's unique user-friendly approach to estate planning encourages participants to support ministries that reflect their deeply held values by including a charitable gift as part of their estate plans.

While My Living Legacy includes effective planning strategies seen in more traditional programs - how to preserve the value of your estate and minimize taxes while providing more for heirs - this unique small-group presentation accomplishes much more.

My Living Legacy helps people fulfill a purpose - their purpose - through strategies that help them live the rest of their lives as an expression of the values-based decisions reflected in their will.  This powerful approach to estate planning helps participants create a meaningful personal legacy by using basic estate planning strategies to transform deeply held values into life-changing action…beginning today.

To learn more about how My Living Legacy can help your agency or Episcopal congregation promote charitable bequests, please contact Otto Reinisch, Director of Organizational & Leadership Development.