Capacity Building

Episcopal Charities' Capacity Building Program equips a new generation of not-for-profit leaders with the perspectives, skills, strategies, and personal support needed to effectively guide their organizations and fulfill their mission in the midst of these challenging times. Through a wide-range of capacity building services offered by Episcopal Charities, our ministry partners, Episcopal congregations, and other faith-based not-for-profit organizations realize their full potential by providing the training opportunities, learning resources, consultation, and one-to-one support needed to:

  1. Acquire leadership skills required for adaptation to changing times
  2. Develop and managing effective governing boards,
  3. Secure sufficient levels of charitable giving, including charitable bequests, and
  4. Increase awareness of their organization's mission among key constituents.

Our capacity building services primarily are offered from a governance perspective; that is, through the 'eyes' of a governing board. It is here where, we believe, lasting organizational change begins to take place. We help participants create strategic change through their board of directors, through the mutual relationship between boards and executive staff, and through their leaders' engagement with the many resources and opportunities external to their organization.

Annual Conference

Since 2004, the Annual Conference is the one time each year when the entire Episcopal Charities 'family' explores the latest ideas, trends, and best practices with some of today's most influential voices in the quest for not-for-profit excellence.

Governance Roundtable

The Governance Roundtable is an intensive approach to helping not-for-profit organizations increase their capacity for developing and managing an effective governing board.  Cohorts meet over a 12-month period to explore new ideas, share best practices, and expand their networking all around today's most relevant topics.

My Living Legacy

My Living Legacy is a values-based introduction to estate planning that works...and one that your donors, board members, parishioners, actually enjoy.  The heart of My Living Legacy is an informative, interactive presentation developed by Episcopal Charities that encourages participants to thoughtfully consider supporting ministries that reflect their deeply held values by including a charitable gift as part of their estate plans. This proprietary program is offered without charge to ministry partners, Episcopal congregations, and other faith-based not-for-profit organizations.

Online Resource Library

This free online library of articles, web sites, sample documents, and other helpful information helps not-for-profit organizations address the essential areas of not-for-profit management included in the goals for Episcopal Charities' Capacity Building Program:

  • Charitable Giving / Fundraising
  • Communications / Messaging
  • Governance