Annual Grants

Episcopal Charities’ [ECCS] annual grants of unrestricted financial support help make possible the work of its ministry partners that touches the lives of more than 60,000 people across the Diocese of Chicago each year.  Grants distributed by ECCS in 2015 total $670,000 and, over the past decade, exceed $6 million.  These unrestricted funds are especially valuable to recipients who use them to ensure the excellence in their work for which public (government) funding and other private grants do not always adequately provide.

Last year, as evidence of the vital and thriving nature of its ministry, Episcopal Charities and Community Services welcomed two new ministry partners to the 'family', the East Bluff Community Center and the 530 Fullerton Foundation.

An annual allocations process begins in July when ministry partners are invited by Episcopal Charities to submit an Application for Grant Allocations to be considered as a recipient in the following calendar year.  Members of the Evaluation and Allocations Committee - comprised of ECCS Trustees - complete site visits and reports of their visit before the Committee makes a final recommendation to the ECCS Board of Trustees in November.  

While applicants are evaluated against criteria established by the Evaluations and Allocations Committee, in compliance with any strategic directives from the ECCS Board, adherence to the Episcopal Charities and Community Services Partnership Guidelines is an expectation of all those seeking funding.

Applicants are notified in December of the Board’s decision and grants are allocated to recipients in quarterly installments over the following year.  

Note: Unsolicited requests/applications for funding are neither accepted nor will they be considered by Episcopal Charities and Community Services.